Y no era tanto el deseo de querer besarnos toda la noche, era simplemente el querer sentir que seguías siendo real…
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The magic of plants, study 12, © Milos Kysela




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Literary presents | Mugs

Well, I started this before Christmas and then stopped because I figured people didn’t need any more gift ideas… But I still had some links saved, and Christmas is not the only reason to buy presents, is it? And there’s also self-gifts. Celebrate yourself with a mug!

  1. Chesire Cat disappearing mug (click the gif to appreciate effect), from the Unemployed Philosophers Guide, $12.95
  2. Virginia Woolf from BlackbirdStudioUK (Etsy), £8.55
  3. Nineteen Eighty-Four from Penguin (the UK shop is not working atm), $9.95
  4. The Hobbit from CaesarGJ (Etsy), £8.55
  5. Jane Austen characters from The Literary Gift Company, £9.95 (The Shakespeare one is also amazing, so is Dickens’)
  6. I Would Prefer Not To (Bartleby the Scrivener) from Melville House, $20
  7. Shakespearean Insults from the Unemployed Philosophers Guide, $12.95
  8. Literary Lions: Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, from Right Note, £7.80
  9. Literary Transport (Little Women) from The Contemporary Home, £5.00

In case someone was wondering (I know you all were) my favourite ones are the ones in the middle column. Specially the characters one. But I have the Penguin one from P&P (which I love) and one from the Jane Austen gift shop (not on sale anymore) and maybe that’s enough JA mugs for one person <3

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